White Label

Custom Branding & Access.

DIY Capability

Flexibility to offer clients DIY credit repair!

PPD Functionality

Offer Pay-Per-Delete to Clients

Client Portal

Stunning dashboard gives clients peace of mind!

Affiliate Portal

Keep affiliates happy with real time 24/7 updates!

Built in Calendar

Keeps your team organized & on time!

Integrated Automations

Smart automations to maximize conversions

Click to Call & SMS

All-In-One Communication Tools

High Tech Communication

Easy and effective communication is vital to your business. We bundle all of the latest, high tech tools directly into our interface. Our built in high tech SMS, click-to-call, dialer and drip email/SMS platforms will reduce expenses and boost customer satisfaction.

Privately White Label Your Software
Privately White Label Your Software

Unlike all the other credit repair software out there, there is no need to reveal what software you’re using to your clients or employees. DisputeHub allows you to white label your platform with your own totally customizable branding so you can stand out like a fortune 500 company.

Brilliant Interface

We give you all tools you need to easily run your business with an astonishly clean and simple interface.


We include all the fancy automations, so there is no need for expensive marketing or sales automation platforms!